About Everbase & Stand On Floor


The Everbase 3 & 4 were founded by a US entrepreneur, specifically to help individuals and companies create sturdy modular flooring that is not only simple to use but also efficient.

We are the UK distributor for the Everbase tiles and although our background is more in portable exhibition equipment and large format graphic print for use at trade shows we have diversified into other areas such as Everblocks, Everpanels and the Stand-On Floor tiles. The Everbase tiles are absolutely perfect for anyone looking to create a large floor to host an event or to protect a surface such as astro turf or an ice rink. They interlock effortlessly and are easy to dismantle when the project is over, they are also extremely robust and can be used over and over again.

Stand On Floor

At exhibitions many choose carpet as a base for their stands, sometimes it can look unoriginal and unprofessional especially when there are many cables and wires hidden under the carpet edges causing tripping hazards.

After seeing all of these big problems the perfect solution for raised expo floors was created. Stand On is a revolutionary product that has been designed to meet the needs of modern exhibition while creating this product. We felt the need to create an expo floor that can be compact in transport, lightweight, easy to put together and without the use of tools. We also thought about good cable management, making the tiles a decent height, of suitable durability and can be put together easily by one person.