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WEe pride our selves on provding the best Temporary Modular Flooring we can source. So for the indoor showroom, exhibition and dance floor markets it is the STAND ON FLOOR.
Modular, hardwearing, unique, adaptable, accepts cables, superb build quality, many edge options, accessibility compliant and brandable.

Our Outdoor flooring is the UK made FloorGuard Lite and FloorGuard temporary modular Flooring systems which covers most events, car parks, marquee flooring and more. We also cater to Hire other trackway, access way and staduim flooring.


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Everbases 3 & 4

EverBlock Systems, LLC. is a leading manufacturer of modular building systems, having provided its products to companies such as Microsoft, Google, MIT, Marriott, Chanel,  Deloitte, Jet.com, Amazon, and more. Arnon Rosan, the company’s founder, was a pioneer in the development of the modular flooring industry and designed the world’s most widely used modular flooring and roadway systems.

Mr. Rosan’s flooring designs have been used at prominent events such as at multiple Olympics, Asia Games, Commonwealth Games, PGA Tournaments and at thousands of concerts, stadiums, arenas, and facilities worldwide.  

Stand-On Floor

We are also a distributor for Stand on Floor/ expo floor. The company resonates in Sweden and was founded in 1979 so they have a lot of experience in the flooring industry.

They saw that exhibition flooring could be improved and decided to go for it, and created an amazing product that is like nothing else out there as far as modular exhibition flooring goes.

Its modular, easy to work with, well thought out, sturdy, customizable and is extremely versatile with whatever you use it for.