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EverBase® 1 (EBF1) is a 12" x 12" modular flooring tile that can be used for a multitude of applications. From exhibit floors, to game courts and from garage floors to event floors, EverBase is used where a square tile size shape is preferred. Create beautiful checkerboard and other patterned flooring by alternating colours as needed to create your design. 

EverBase connects to EverBase 2, our larger modular flooring tile, and EverDance, allowing you to inlay detailed floor patterns within larger floors.  Remove 1 sq/ft tiles as needed to work around obstacles such as tent center poles, goal posts, fire hydrants, fencing or other objects. 

EverBase modules come pre-assembled in 3ft x 4ft sections for ease of transport and storage. 

Works alongside EverBase and EverDance versions.

Surface Dimension: 12” x 12” (1 sq/ft of coverage per module)

Height: 1.1" 

Weight: 1.27 lbs per module - 15.24 lbs per pre-assembled section.


Solid Top (ST) – Features a flat top surface.

Drainage/Aeration Top (DT) – Contains a series of drainage, light, and aeration holes on top. The DT version may be fitted with Connector Lugs to serve as a base tile for EverBlock building blocks. See accessories for more information about Connector Lugs.

Detailed Specification

EverBase 3

(EBF3) is an 18" x 24" modular flooring tile that serves as our heavier duty stadium, arena, and event flooring system. The EBF3 features industrialized connectors that offer additional strength and durability. This system is designed for faster connection over turf, ice, and other uneven surfaces. EverBase 3 may be used indoors and outdoors.  From stadium flooring to ice arena flooring and from tent and event flooring to disaster relief or military flooring, the EverBase 3 is designed for rugged, everyday use, indoors and outside. Due to its larger module size, it provides greater rigidity than competing systems.


EverBase 3 modules come pre-assembled in 3ft x 4ft sections for ease of installation, transport and storage. Works alongside EverBase 1 and EverDance versions.

Surface Dimension: 18" x 24" (3 Sq/ft of coverage per module)

Height: 1.1"

Weight: 3.61 lbs per module

Colours: Light Grey (EBF3-ST and DT), Translucent (EBF3-DT) - custom colours available with minimum orders. 

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