Everbase 4

The Newest Addition To The Everblock Flooring Family

The Everbase 4 is purposely built for larger surface areas and makes fitting the flooring easier since it will require less individual tiles compared to Everbase 3.

The Ultimate Stadium Turf Protection

With EverBase, your stadium and fields can become truly multi-purpose – hosting concerts, festivals, graduations, and more.

EverBase flooring systems protect
sensitive stadium turf from damage from on-field events. Uniquely
engineered to distribute weight across flooring sections, EverBase
systems prevent soil compaction, maintain airflow and proper moisture
levels, and promote ventilation and water flow. The unique tile design
provides space for turf to remain protected from wear and soil
compaction from foot and equipment traffic.

Versare Everbase 4

Toolless, lightweight and strong. EverBase 4 (EB4) is an innovative,
heavy-duty modular flooring system to support a wide range of situations
– from turf protection to temporary tent flooring, staging,
work/construction areas, and more. EB4 creates a safe and seamless floor
surface with enhanced support for heavy equipment and structures. And
as the only flooring system that requires no tools, EB4  makes
installation and tear down quicker and easier – lowering operational
costs and saving time.